Holy Heart Public Senior Secondary School, Chhajli (Distt. Sangrur), Punjab - Running Under the Aegis of Holy Heart Educational & Welfare Society (Regd.), Chhajli (Distt. Sangrur), Punjab.
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Our President Says........

"Education makes a people easy to lead, but difficult to drive, easy to govern, but impossible to enslave" 

- Lord Brougham

As is rightly said by Shri APJ Abdul Kalam,

"When learning is purposeful, creativity blossoms,
When creativity blossoms, thinking emanates,
When thinking emanates, knowledge is fully lit,
When knowledge is fully lit, economy flourishes."


We try to mold every individual into a representative of our institution, family and country in a larger perspective. We help the seed to blossom into a beautiful plant, which makes its presence felt throughout its life. We help the individuals to develop into magnetic personalities. The stars produced by us shine brightly in the sky. The youth of today have made their presence felt in the every aspect of life, so we through our endeavors develop the ability in the youth to face all challenges of life.

Amritpal Singh,


Our Secretary Says........

It is often said that it is the journey rather than the destination that matters and the same goes for the school's incredible evolution since inception. Ever since its birth in the year 2001, the school has been striving hard to deliver quality education and holistic development to the countless students whose parents decided to invest their time and faith in us and let us lead them through. I feel immense pleasure and pride for being fortunate enough to witness our dreams coming true with such vivacity and perfection.

The school has been a constant source of unfathomable knowledge, creativity and value guidance to millions of students over the years, and nothing but time stands testimony to this. Courtesy to its quench to excel par excellence, the school has been holding its head high as one of the pioneering educational institutions. I am experiencing tears of mirth as I retrospect and recollect the rich legacy of Holy Heart Public Senior Secondary School. The triumph that I am experiencing at this juncture is beyond the array of the floweriest of words. One moment my pen halts at the incredible mission with which we embarked upon this journey, at the other; it leads me to the indelible landmarks that we have created so far. It seems almost like a dream come true that the seeds of vision that had been planted 13 years ago have come to fruition with such finesse and adroitness. It goes without saying that the satisfying accomplishment is due to the blessings of that supreme, omnipotent and omnipresent power in front of whom we all bow our heads; the good wishes of our elders and sustained efforts of this large HHPS faculty, many of whom may not be associated directly at this Celebrations of Affiliation (Switched over from State Board to CBSE), but in their own times they proved to be the pillars of this institution on which the school stands today - firm in its conviction to bring forth the best of latent talent. The emerging trends and technology and all that was good and adaptable in the past are all rolled in one package to be transferred to the coming generations. I envisage a new generation - smart, confident having a broad spectrum ready to embark on a journey which is rich in values, culturally flourishing and idealistic - always striving for simplicity conjoined with high thinking. Thank you God for the blessings & the opportunities showered on us.

I end it with a motivational quotation by Plato, "The direction in which education starts a man, will determine his future life."

Mandeep Kumar


From the Desk of Principal...............

Children are the true wealth of a nation. To bring smile on their innocent faces and to shape them into responsible citizens for the future is the need of the hour.

A nation can fancy its chances of reaching an apex of glory if its children are getting congenial environment to prosper and progress. The teaching fraternity, therefore, shoulders virtually higher responsibility to make them realize their dreams. While we do subscribe to the view that home is the first school i.e. the children get the first lesson of life in the mother slap, the school needs to serve as the second home where the child's all-around development is taken care of. In the present scenario when the society is be set with the menacing problems of corruption, narrow mindedness and other such evils, it becomes all the more imperative that the teachers should rise to the occasion against these odds and guide this young generation in the right direction. It may be demanding assignment, but the nation expects the same, so let's all join hand and come up to the expectations of the society transform this generation into a generation of educated and responsible citizen.

Wish you all a happy learning at HHPS.

With all good wishes & have a great time always!!

Mamta Rani - Principal


Message From Vice Principal

The purpose of education, as we see, is to develop inquisitive minds. It needs to encourage fertilization of ideas so as to build a strong education sector which delivers globally.

"An educational institution stands for humanism, for tolerance, for reason, for the adventure of ideas in search of truth. It stands for onward march of the human race towards even higher objectives"                                                        - Jawaharlal Nehru.

This ideology is our guiding inspiration and we endeavor to promote the principles of national integration, keeping a scientific approach to the problems and to facilitate the students and staff with latest academic programmes.
The HHPS community is committed to contribute a spectacular record of achievement, overcoming the limitations, as we are committed to realize our highest aspirations. Our goal is to create an effective learning environment for which we continue to strive unstoppable.

With Best Wishes,